SA Tomorrow
Midtown Regional Center

"The future of Midtown is family friendly and safe with places to enjoy the outdoors, great music and food, educational stepping stones for the future, continued diversity, and a strong heart and soul of our City."
- Midtown Community Member

The Midtown Regional Center was adopted as a component of the SA Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan on June 6, 2019. Thank you for viewing the plan and sharing it with others.

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To view the full, adopted plan, download this PDF: Midtown Area Regional Center Plan (PDF 13.8 Mb) To read the entire Plan, click on the Plan pull-down menu at the top of the page.

A History of Midtown

Midtown’s history runs deep. Native Americans, 18th century missionaries, Canary Island immigrants, 1920’s era families, and some of San Antonio’s great organizers all made lives and established community here. Supported by the San Antonio River and San Pedro Springs Creek for over ten thousand years, Midtown is still home to a vibrant and diverse mix of people.

The landscape bears signs of the past. Some streets trace historic acequia routes. Mature, full-canopied trees and historic homes mark the street car neighborhoods that many families have called home for multiple generations. The old Pearl Brewery building, the Aurora building, and other historic buildings and parks remind us of earlier eras when the community had both the prosperity and vision to invest in the future.

Prominent cultural identities in Midtown include Mexican American and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Plus. Long term householders, new immigrants, entrepreneurs, artists, and community organizers have made space in Midtown for these cultures to persist and evolve.

Today, the Midtown Sub-Area includes the neighborhoods of Mahncke Park, Westfort, Tobin Hill, Uptown/St. Ann’s, Five Points, and a small portion of Government Hill. While the area is evolving, the rivers, historic qualities, and diverse people continue to attract newcomers to Midtown. A strong sense of civic pride is evident in the abundance of Midtown associations, non-profits, robust businesses, and rich stories shared by residents.

The SA Tomorrow Plan

San Antonio is planning boldly to ensure our great City captures the type of growth and economic development that will lead our community into the future and provide benefits to all our residents. Visit this website to learn more about the Comprehensive Plan and what we’re doing to make San Antonio a diverse and thriving community.